Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tips And Tricks of FarCry 3

The astonishing, the spectacular, the phenomenon first person shooting game FarCry 3, has made huge impact in the world of games. This shooting game has the potential to give limitless thrilling, enjoyment and entertainment  to any gamers. Its immense satisfaction is undeniable for the gamers. 
The game has one of the most outstanding sequence of drama and climax that astonish gamers.

The game's hero is Jason Brody, the young man who came to an unknown island with his brothers and friends. But they didn't excepted to get kidnap by pirates. The game started with the insanity of the pirate's leader Vass, who killed Jason's brother. To avenge his brother and to save his friends, Jason took the path of a warrior. But Vass wasn't the main villain in this game, it was Hoyet the drug lord, who was controlling the whole insane operation on that island. After saving his friends and killing Vass & Hoyet, Jason found himself in a weird situation. In the climax he has to choose to go with his friends or to stay with the natives of the island. But in the end, it's the gamers decision that he will take in this game.       

The tips of FarCry 3: 

  1.  The First important tip in every shooting game is always try to have a full ammo weapon and reload the weapon constantly.
  2. In this game a good cover is very essential. Remember to always find a solid spot to cover, because bullets can penetrate if the cover is weak.
  3.  While you are in a cover, kill the nearest target and don't let the foe come near to you.
  4. If the foe uses any grenade or cocktail, then don't stay in the same cover, try to move quickly to a other cover to another by using sprint.
  5.  Try to shoot at the yellow or red barrels and slanders, it will create an explosion, but try not get caught in the explosion, Otherwise you are dead.
  6.  Try to use Assault guns ( AK407, MS16,etc), because it's better in both long and short range of shooting & it also has a good fire rate. Some guns can be customize, equip silencer and red dot aim.  
  7. At first try to get animal skins for crafting needed bags like weapon hostler, ammo bag, wallet, loot bag, rocket & grenade bags etc.
  8. Try to use your syringes according to your mission and situation, but try to keep more medic syringe than other syringe.
  9.  You should try to capture all the outpost, for accessing all the fast travels in the island.
  10. Try to get control over every radio tower, this way you get full access to the map and get weapons free.
  11. Unlock your skills by gaining EXP, by completing missions and trials, try to use take downs often, because it gives you more EXP.
  12.  Shoot your foes in their heads. But shooting at their face is really better, because sometimes they wear helmets and caps.This will also give you more EXP.
  13. loot every dead body & container  you can find, try to buy maps to find loots and items.
  14. Arrows are very good for long range and silent kill and it can be equipped with grenades & bombs.
  15. Try to complete the side missions, this way you gain more exp and money. 

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