Friday, January 11, 2013

The seven wonders of solar system

Like our earth the solar system has many incredible and amazing elements. After countless research and discovery of the astronomers, they pointed out 7 elements of the solar system, which they defined as the seven wonders.
According to the astronomers the seven wonders of solar system are :

1|The solar flare.
2|The biggest volcano Olympus Mons on planet Mars.
3|Only the planet Mars where the sun rises twice.
4|The Saturn Circle.
5|Natural diversities and change of seasons in the Saturn's asteroid Titan. For this Titan is called "Space Oasis".
6|The Valles Marineris of planet Mars.This valley is much much bigger and wider than the Grand Canyon in United Stated.
7|Jupiter's great red spot. It is an atmospheric storm that has been raging in Jupiter’s southern Hemisphere. The storm contain orange colored Hydrocarbon dust.
Solar flare
Olympus Mons on planet Mars.
Titan the Space Oasis

Saturn Circle
Valles Marineris

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