Friday, January 18, 2013

The most anticipated technological devices of 2013

6.1 inch Huawei smartphone

This Chinese Huawei smartphone named Ascend Mate not only has 6.1 inch big screen, this phone has 4040mAh super huge Battery. It has 8 mega pixel camera, built-in Dolby Surround Sound System.This phone can be in standby mode for 6 days. It is also waterproof.

Panasonic Tablet

This 20 inch gigantic tablet is much powerful than any other tablet. This portable tablet is not much smaller than TV screen.

Waterproof Smartphone

The Japanese technological device manufacturing company Sony has launched this fully dust protected and waterproof smart phone. It's name is Xperia Z. This Android operating phone is totally safe from heavy rain & deep water. This 5 inch screened phone has quad core snapdragon processor, 1080 pixel display and 13 mega pixel camera. The phone also has HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) feature for making videos.Even you can watch HD movies in shower because it's every part is covered by protective plastic.

  nvidia-project-shield :

The famous graphics chip manufacturing company of  U.S.A. known as nvidia  has launched this device. It will be the first android gaming console which may be available in markets middle of this year. It contains nvidia's 4 tegra processor with 5 inch retina display. It can be add with computer LAN and has HDMI & USB port 

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