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The tips & tricks of max payne 3

The Heart thrilling, classical and stylish shooting game Max Payne is well renown 3rd person game. The bone chilling slow motion shooting,  the awesome storyline, the dreadful & insane villains and some cool dialogues from Payne himself made the game Max Payne 3 phenomenon.
 The game has 14 chapters :

  1.   Something Rotten in the Air 
  2.  Nothing but the Second Best
  3.    Just Another Day at the Office
  4.    Anyone Can Buy Me a Drink
  5.    live If Not Exactly Well
  6.     One Card Left to Play
  7.    A Dame, a Dork, and a Drunk
  8.     A Hangover Sent Direct from Mother Nature
  9.     Ain't No Reprievement Gonna Be Found Otherwise
  10.     Here I Was Again, Halfway Down the World
  11.     It's Drive or Shoot, Sister
  12.     Sun Tan Oil, Stale Margaritas and Greed
  13.     The Great American Savior of the Poor
  14.     A Fat Bald Dude with a Bad Temper
 The game stars from Sao Paulo, where Max Payne got a new job as a bodyguard of the Branco's. The 1st chapter is easy in any difficulty mode, it's a training round because of the hints and tips are automatically  given by the game.

The tips & tricks of the game is given below :

          1. The First important tip in every shooting game is always try to have a full ammo weapon and reload the weapon constantly .
          2. when you have no weapon or no ammo, try to go close to a foe (without being seen would be better) then press right mouse button to snatch his weapon & then press right mouse button again quickly to shoot him.
          3. In this game a good cover is very essential. Remember to always find a solid spot to cover, because bullets can penetrate if the cover is weak.
          4. In this game the awesome thing is the slow motion meter in the right side of screen with the health bar. To rise the slow motion meter quickly, you must kill your foes or let them shoot while you are safe in a cover. 
          5. While you are in a showdown and got your self a good cover, activate the slow motion meter and aim quickly by pressing the left mouse button, then try to shoot your foes in their heads. But shooting at their face is really better, because sometimes they wear helmets and caps.  
          6. Don't use painkillers, because when a foe completely shoots you down, the game offers you to shoot him back in a time limit, when you shoot him down Payne automatically uses the painkillers, in this way the health bar gets full by 70%. If you use the painkillers early, then it will give you only 60% health. But be Warn, it won't work, if  you don't have any painkillers or if you can't kill him in the time limit, Otherwise you are dead.
          7. While you are in a cover, kill the nearest target and don't let the foe come near to you.
          8. If the foe uses any grenade or cocktail, then don't stay in the same cover, try to move quickly to a other cover to another by using sprint in the slow motion or you may jump and also dodge-roll in the slow motion. 
          9. Try to shoot at the yellow or red barrels and slanders, it will create an explosion, but try not get caught in the explosion, Otherwise you are dead.
          10. In this game you can only carry three weapons. Two weapons are one handed and one is both handed. Try to have two different types of one handed weapon, because same types of one handed weapon will decrease ammo quickly.
          11.  Don't use duel guns, if it's not necessary. It sometimes proves costly, because it waste ammo rapidly and you already know that one bullet in the head is enough to take the target down.
          12. In the game some of the chapters has a boss. They usually wear armor and helmets for protection. 6 or 8 shots in their head is enough to kill them.
          13. Don't use laser light attach guns, because it helps your foe to track you down and sometimes proves that it is hard to aim at your targets.
          14. Try to use Assault guns ( AK407, M16,etc), because it's better in both long and short range of shooting. The interact or action button can be used for climbing ladders and walls.There is a button that can change your aim side, from left to right and there is also another button that can help you to turn behind swiftly.       
          15. To find golden guns and clues you have to search every nook and corner of any room or stage, this way you may find painkillers and extra ammo.

          If you have any sort of problems in any chapter of the game, you can question me and I will try my best to solve your problem.

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