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The review of the call of duty black ops

The thrilling, exciting and realistic 1st person shooting game Call of Duty, is dominating the present era of games. Every gamer of the world knows Call of duty as the ultimate shooting game. The weapons of the modern age gave game more value to the gamers. The art of modern warfare has symbolized this game. The Black ops is one of the spectacular part of Call of duty.

  Call of Duty: Black Ops takes place during the 1960s in the Cold War. It focuses on CIA clandestine black operations carried out behind enemy lines. Missions take place in various locations around the globe such as the Ural Mountains in central Russia, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Laos, Vietnam and the Arctic circle. The single-player campaign revolves around an experimental chemical weapon codenamed "Nova-6".

The main protagonist the player controls is SAD/SOG special forces operative Alex Mason, occasionally CIA agent Jason Hudson and some other characters are playable to progress the story. Alex is often joined by fellow operatives Frank Woods and Joseph Bowman, while Jason teams up with Grigori Weaver, a Russian-born field operative. Viktor Reznov, a key character from the Soviet campaign in World at War, returns along with that games' Russian protagonist Dimitri Petrenko also making an appearance. Black Ops also features several historical figures: during the story Mason meets John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, and Fidel Castro.
On February 25, 1968, SOG operative Alex Mason is strapped to a chair in an interrogation room, bombarded with questions by his unseen captors about the location of a numbers station. Mason then recalls several events.

In 1961, Mason, Woods, and Bowman take part in Operation 40 to assassinate Fidel Castro in Cuba during the Bay of Pigs. Mason apparently succeeds and stays behind to protect the extraction plane, before being captured by the real Castro, having shot a double. Handed over to General Nikita Dragovich to be held captive at Vorkuta Gulag, Mason befriends inmate Viktor Reznov, the former Red Army soldier. Reznov recounts to Mason the identities of his enemies, the same people involved in Mason’s torture: Dragovich, his right-hand man Lev Kravchenko, and ex-Nazi scientist Friedrich Steiner, who defected to the Soviet Union.

In October 1945, Reznov and Dimitri Petrenko were sent to extract Steiner from a Nazi base in the Arctic. Dragovich later betrayed them by testing Steiner's creation, a nerve agent known as "Nova-6", on Petrenko and other soldiers in a ship. Reznov was spared the same fate when British commandos, also attempting to acquire Nova-6, attacked the Soviets. During the confusion, Reznov destroyed the Nova-6 and escaped. However, the Soviets recreated it using Steiner and a British scientist, Daniel Clarke. Mason and Reznov later spark a prisoner uprising to escape the gulag. One month later, President John F. Kennedy meets Alex and authorizes a mission to assassinate Dragovich.

In November 1963, Mason, Woods, Bowman and Weaver are dispatched to Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakh SSR to disrupt the Soviet space program and eliminate members of "Ascension", a Soviet program giving sanctuary to Nazi scientists in exchange for their knowledge. Weaver is captured and Kravchenko stabs out his left eye. Mason and his team rescue him and destroy the Soyuz spacecraft, while Woods apparently kills Dragovich, though Mason believes him to be alive.

In 1968, the team are sent to Vietnam. After defending Khe Sanh, they recover a dossier on Dragovich from a Russian defector in Hue during the Tet Offensive. Mason finds the defector is none other than Reznov. They then penetrate Laos to recover a Nova-6 shipment from a downed Soviet plane. At the crash site the plane collapses and they are captured by Viet Cong and Spetznaz infiltrators. Bowman is executed, while Woods and Mason hijack an Mi-24 Hind and rescue Reznov at Kravchenko's base before confronting Kravchenko himself. Woods sacrifices himself to kill Kravchenko after he pulls out a grenade.

Meanwhile, Hudson and Weaver interrogate Clarke in Kowloon. Clarke reveals the location of a hidden facility in Mount Yamantau before being killed by Dragovich's men. Hudson and Weaver move to destroy the facility and receive a transmission from Steiner requesting to meet at Rebirth Island, as Dragovich has begun killing loose ends. Mason and Reznov head there to assassinate Steiner at the same time, succeeding just as Hudson and Weaver arrive. Mason is adamant that Reznov executed Steiner, but Hudson had witnessed Mason carrying out the act alone.

At this point, Hudson and Weaver are revealed as Mason's interrogators. Dragovich has communist sleeper cells placed all over the United States which, when ordered by the numbers broadcast, will release the Nova-6 gas. As a result, the U.S. is preparing a retaliatory strike on the Soviet Union, which will lead to a full scale war. Hudson needed Steiner to abort the gas launch but after his death only Mason has any knowledge of the numbers station. Hudson reveals that Dragovich brainwashed Mason to understand the numbers broadcasts, effectively making him a Soviet sleeper agent. It is revealed that the real Reznov never escaped and died during the Vorkuta break out, and that the Soviet defector was later dead in Hue. Mason’s visions of Reznov are a result of a dissociative disorder caused by the traumatic brainwashing program. Prior to the Vorkuta breakout, Reznov had secretly met and reprogrammed Mason to assassinate Dragovich, Kravchenko and Steiner for what they did to him and for killing Petrenko and his comrades, instead of Mason's original aim to kill President Kennedy. Mason finally remembers the station location, a Russian cargo ship called Rusalka off the coast of Cuba.

An assault on the Rusalka begins, with Mason and Hudson infiltrating the underwater submarine and broadcast station protected by the ship, intended to be used for an invasion of the U.S. after the planned Nova-6 attack. Confirming that the Rusalka is the numbers station, Hudson calls in the US Navy to destroy the ship and its underwater base. Mason and Hudson finally confront Dragovich in the lower levels of the facility. Dragovich taunts Mason and hints at his hand in assassinating Kennedy but Mason drowns him and escapes.

Archive footage of President Kennedy prior to his assassination is shown, revealing Mason in the crowd, suggesting that Mason actually assassinated President Kennedy.

 Call of Duty: Black Ops contains fifteen single player levels.

  1.     "Operation 40" - Escape police forces and assassinate Fidel Castro.
  2.     "Vorkuta" - Participate in the Vorkuta prison break.
  3.     "U.S.D.D." - Tour the Pentagon and meet John F. Kennedy.
  4.     "Executive Order" - Rescue Weaver and stop the launch of the Soyuz 2.
  5.     "S.O.G." - Defend the Khe Sanh military camp.
  6.     "The Defector" - Extract the Russian defector.
  7.     "Numbers" - Escape Dragovich's men with Dr. Clarke.
  8.     "Project Nova" - Extract Steiner and destroy the ship containing Nova 6.
  9.     "Victor Charlie" - Battle Viet Cong forces in the Vietnamese jungle.
  10.     "Crash Site" - Locate the downed Soviet cargo plane containing Nova 6.
  11.     "WMD" - Infiltrate a Soviet base in the Ural Mountains.
  12.     "Payback" - Escape the Viet Cong complex and confront Kravchenko.
  13.     "Rebirth" - Relive the efforts to extract Steiner from both Mason and Hudson's perspectives.
  14.     "Revelations" - Discover the truth behind the numbers.
  15.     "Redemption" - Destroy the broadcast station and confront Dragovich. 
The game is worth to play, it doesn't get's more real like it.

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