Friday, May 10, 2013

Rickshaw | One of the most popular transport in Bangladesh

Ancient Rickshaw
Rickshaw was originally a transport with two wheels, pulled by a puller. It is generally a two passenger cart. Now the modern rickshaw has three wheels. The rickshaw puller has a paddle, by which he can drive it.The origin of the transport is Japan. But it is also found in China , Thailand, India and Bangladesh. In Bangladesh it is the most popular transport. About 500,000 rickshaw ply on the capital city Dhaka of Bangladesh and in hole country the number maybe exceed 1,500,000.

In other country rickshaw is a fancy transport but in Bangladesh is one of the mass transport. In this country rickshaw-puller are mainly poor people who lost there land after river erosion. Also the aged rickshaw-puller number is very much mentionable, cause when a poor day labor become old rickshaw pulling become a easy work for him. A rickshaw-puller earns 300-500BDT daily in Dhaka city. His earning also depend on place, time. In the morning his passengers are office going people and students. In the after noon his passengers will be students and they are available in schools, colleges. So he has to be alert for  passengers.
An old Rickshaw-puller

Rickshaw is very popular and comfortable transport because passenger feel free, smoker people can smoke and if there is two passengers then the people can gossip. For a romantic couple it is the most desirable transport in Bangladesh.