Friday, May 24, 2013

Best Free Blog Writing Platforms

Blog is the most effective way to share one's private thought. For business and education purpose, now a day blog sites become very very useful. From famous celebrity to normal people blog writing become very popular. Free blog creating service providers will help you from the hazel to maintain Domain and Hosting  expenditure. As the blog site is hosted by the provider and you just have to choose the sub domain. Such best free blog writhing platforms are :

WordPress (Alexa Rank: 22, Page Rank: 9) is the grand master of all the free blogging websites. WordPress is popular to expert and beginner because of it friendliness and there are tons of free third party plug-ins are available to automate many tasks.WordPress is mostly used by webmasters, developers, programmers, SEO experts, technical bloggers.Though, WordPress is equally popular among technical and non technical bloggers but there is no such technical knowledge is required for creating blogs.

Blogger (Alexa Rank: 44, Page Rank: 9) is one of the famous blogging platform provider in the world, this service is providing by Search Engine Giant Google Inc. Blogger is very much user friendly and very easy to handle. For this a beginner should try it first before making other site in other platforms. An Gmail account is needed for blogger platform.

Tumblr (Alexa Rank: 32, Page Rank: 8) is a popular and feature-packed microblogging platform. It comes with many outstanding and interesting features such as audio blogging (for sharing your music, for example), free custom domains, hundreds of amazing blogging themes and more. Furthermore, you can sync your Tumblr account with Facebook and/or Twitter so that you can update your social media feeds in a single location. Yet another awesome feature is the ability to create community-powered group blogs. Tumblr also offers support for many third-party apps such as Google Analytics and Feedburner.

Blog (Alexa Rank: 835, Page Rank: 6) is another popular WordPress-powered blogging platform. The Blog has been providing from 2004 and offers a free,paid, and really nice blogging services to its bloggers. You can create advanced and sophisticated looking professional blogs easily on Blog blogging platform.

Weebly (Alexa Rank: 313, Page Rank: 8) is not too much old but in the short period of time they got amazing result. Company said that over 12 million people choose Weebly platform. Weebly offers a fully featured website builder. Weebly’s blog manager features a drag-and-drop interface, support for image galleries, slideshows, video/audio, maps, etc. Additionally, you can opt for their Designer Platform that lets you build websites for your client, thereby effectively using Weebly as a content management system.

Livejournal, (Alexa Rank: 129, Page Rank: 8) popularly known as LJ, is another user friendly free blogging platform offering the service of free blogging and also social networking. You can create your own networks, interact with others and participate in Polls along blogging.

Webs (Alexa Rank: 385, Page Rank: 7) is another free blogging platform which is also very user friendly. You just need only an email account to start your blog.

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