Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tips | Block any websites from your Computer with Windows OS

First go to C drive from My Computer (for XP) or Computer (for Win7). Enter Windows folder from C:\ drive. After that enter folder System32. In System32 folder their is a folder name "driver". Just go to etc folder from driver folder. There is a file name host in this etc folder. Open it with notepad.
At the very bottom you'll see the Localhost is written. It's below enter and your website address. 

Like below http://www.xyzzyx.com http://www.abccba.com http://www.aeiouxyz.com

In this way you can add as many site you wish. But remember, do not change the line " Localhost". Just add the new websites name periodically. Then save the notepad file and close it.  
But if you want to unblock any website just delete the line of that website from the host file and save it again.

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