Saturday, February 2, 2013

Top Five Suicide Spots of the World

In every year above one million people committed suicide. And 4 million teenagers try to commit suicide. Among them 100 thousand becomes successful in it. There are some certain locations, where people choose to commit suicide. After time and tide pass, this places have become suicide points.  Unknown details about the 10 most highlighted suicide points of the world are giving below :

01. Jacques Cartier Bridge :

This bridge is situated on Saint Lawrence river of Canada. Many young people of that country choose this bridge as a suicide point. According to the latest published Document, every year 143 people done suicide from this bridge. Locals says that the bridge is hunted by sprite, which attracts young people to commit suicide there. There is a petrol team to prevent this horrifying event. Their main duty is to monitor the bridge, if no young people can park their car without any reason. Still people deceive the security and done the job by jumping from the bridge.

02. Niagara Falls :

It is quite difficult to find any person who never heard about the Niagara Falls. This separator of U.S.A and Canada is not only a spectacular natural beauty, but it is also a suicide point. To many this matter is unknown. Every year at least  23 people jump from this falls to commit suicide. But the  interesting matter is that the suicide rate is higher in man than in woman while woman love most to visit this falls. Suicide rate for man is 59% and for woman is 41%.

03. Golden Gate Bridge :

The Golden Gate Bridge of California is another highlighted suicide spot. This California situated bridge is one of the wonderful symbol of architecture.  Statistics shows that every year at least 30 people done suicide by jumping from the bridge. After its foundation about 1500 people gave their life jumping from the bridge.

04. Coronado Bridge :

The Coronado Bridge of San Diego is another horrifying suicide point. If anyone wants to get a taste of inexorable death, they just have to jump from the bridge into the infinite sea. It is the fourth longest bridge of the world. It is a matter of great anxiety that, between 1972 and 2000, more than 200 suicides occurred on this bridge. Signs have been placed on the bridge urging potential suicides to call a hotline.

05.  Beachy Head Coast

This sightly coast is located in Sussex of east England. This coast is about 162 meter high from sea level. This beautiful natural place also familiar as a suicide point. Its height has  made it one of the most notorious suicide spots in the world. There are an estimated 20 deaths a year at Beachy Head. However, there are 500 dead bodies have been found so far. The Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team conducts regular day and evening patrols of the area in attempts to locate and stop potential jumpers.

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