Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Review | Comparison between NfS most wanted 1 & 2

The stunning, entertaining and the world renowned racing game NfS is dominating the whole game industry. Over the years NfS has been launching a good number of impressive racing games, among the NfS 2, Hot Pursuit, Underground, Most Wanted, Undercover, Carbon, Shift and recently released the Most Wanted 2.

The first edition of the NfS Most wanted was the biggest hit in modern era of the racing games. Probably it was the first story based racing game of the world. It was full with heart thrilling drama, unique customization of cars and bone chilling chase of the cops. It was an outstanding game that no one can argue about it. The second edition of Most Wanted has no story mode and has a short list of blacklist drivers. But it has more thrill in racing and evading cops. In the first edition a racer can customize his car by earning money and unlocking many junkman parts. Not only a player can customize his car's performance, but also the out look of his car ( by customizing paint, markers, rims, hood, spilor etc). In the 2nd edition racers have to find cars, in order to unlock them and they can fix their cars damages & change cars paint by going through the parts building. There where only 30 or 35 cars that a player can drive in 1st one, but in the 2nd one there are over 100 cars that a player can drive. Usually in the first most wanted, a racer can evade cops by breaking through objects which are marked in the map, but in second most wanted this advantage isn't available. Though the 2nd edition is quite realistic and has a great graphics than the first one, but it's lack of drama and some disadvantages didn't made it much successful as the first most wanted. Even a Rumor has spread that the most wanted 2 was copied by a another racing game name the Paradise City, because some of the features are same as it. In spite of this the game is very enjoyable and entertaining.

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