Monday, February 4, 2013

Expensive Restaurants of the World

Yummy delicious food popped up in front of anyone eyes after hearing the name of restaurant. But there are some restaurant where even a cup of tea will cost 100 u.s dollar. Here I will tell you about this most expensive restaurants.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant [Maldives]

Ithaa, One of the world's most attractive and expensive restaurants. This is the first restaurant undersea. The foundation work of the restaurant began in 2004 and inaugurated in April 15 2005.
Project cost is approximately five million U.S. dollars. But it is only 14 seats restaurant. Its owner is karnada Hotel Company. This restaurant is five meter below the sea and there is a gnarled downstairs to go into the restaurant. Its inner environment is like a dream house. The restaurant surrounded by blue water of sea, thousands of species of fish, coral, and even sharks. Surrounding glasses are specially made for the safety. The restaurant serves Maldives as well as European food. Visitor can enjoy the inner environment of the sea along with the food. This world's most expensive restaurant contains more than 20 food items in its menu.

Tiny Masa [New York]

Tiny Masa is one of the New York most expensive restaurants. To eat the cost will be at least 480 to 680 dollars apiece. Food lovers have to pay high price to eat only one food item. This restaurant is located at Time Warner Center and the size is very small compared to the size of the other restaurant but it is one of the most world's featured restaurants because of its aristocracy and expenses. All sorts of delicious foods are available here. Not only food, its decorations also made world's most well-known restaurant. Famous chef Masa Takayama is the supervisor of this 26 seated restaurant. He also greets the customers himself.

Alain Ducasse [Paris]

Paris is the city of art, literature and tradition, for this Paris would be in the list of expensive restaurant. Alain Ducasse one of the most expensive restaurants in the city. Famous chef Alain Ducasse himself enough to keep the restaurant alive. The restaurant internal design will attract any one mind. There are also about 10 thousand chandelier which makes it very very spectacular. It looks like the rain is falling from chandelier.

 Solo per due [Italy]

From the word restaurant everyone will think about place with lots of chairs and tables. But only two seated well decorated Solo per due of Italy win the title of world's expensive restaurant. It is the smallest restaurant in the world. Together only two people can sit. If someone wants to eat here at least per person will need 500 to 600 dollars. This was originally created in the 19th century using empty garage of a building. Honeymoon couples are the main customer and the interesting fact is that people have to confirm their booking three months before the summer vacation. Otherwise the delicious test of the food would miss for that year.

at.MOSPHERE [Dubai]

It is not only an expensive restaurant, also located at the top most high on Burj Al Khalifa of Dubai. In its launch together 210 people can sit. From this launch one can easily view the excellent sky of UAE. If anyone wants to book a seat, he will have to pay at least 428 U.S. dollars. It will cost 120 U.S. dollars only to take a cup of tea.

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