Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ball's Pyramid | Tallest Volcanic Stack of the World

Ball's Pyramid
Ball's Pyramid
The picture of Ball's Pyramid may raise doubt people's mind that is this place really exist on the earth! Believe it or not Ball's Pyramid formed about 7 million years ago. This amazing spectacular looking mountain is a volcanic landforms created when magma hardens of a shield volcano and caldera.
Ball's Pyramid is the tallest volcanic stack in the world. It was discovered in 1788, by Lieutenant Henry Ball. This mountain is located 20 kilometers (12 mi) southeast of Lord Howe Island of Australia in the Pacific Ocean. The 562 metres (1,844 ft) high Ball's Pyramid is part of the Lord Howe Island Marine Park in Australia.

No one was able to climb to its summit until 1965.  In 1982 climbing was  banned and soon after all access to the island was restricted. Nowadays, the policy has changed and climbing is allowed, but only under  strict conditions.

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