Friday, July 5, 2013

Crooked Forest | Strange Forest in Poland

The Crooked Forest is is a grove, located in Nowe Czarnowo, West Pomeranian, and Poland. Surrounded by a larger forest of straight growing pine trees near Gryfino, north-west Poland, this grove of curved trees - dubbed the 'Crooked Forest' - is a mystery.

There are about 400 trees in the forest of pines has been formed with a 90 ° horizontal bend in his trunk before going up vertically again and all face bends to the North. It is generally believed that some form of human tool or technique was used to make the trees grow this way, but the method and motive are not currently known.

Speculation about these trees bent is to use for making bent-wood furniture, the ribs for boat hulls or yokes for ox-drawn plows. However, before they could be harvested, the outbreak of the Second World War, interrupted the plans of whoever was growing and tending the grove, leaving their plans a mystery.

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