Friday, June 7, 2013

Web Browsers List for different OS

Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari are the most popular and familiar web browsers. In our daily life we used this browsers for net surfing. Besides this browsers there are also many browsers for net surfing. Some of the browsers name we did not even heard. Among these browsers, some are supported for all three common OS: Windows, MAC and all distributions of Linux, some others only supports one OS and few browsers support none of the three OS. List of these browser along with their Developer name are given following:

Logo Name Developer Platforms

Firefox (also called Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Corporation

Chrome Google

Internet Explorer Microsoft Corporation

Safari Apple Inc.

Opera Opera Software ASA

Netscape Navigator Netscape Communications Corporation (now part of AOL)

SeaMonkey Mozilla Foundation

Konqueror Konqueror

Flock Flock Inc.

Amaya W3C


Iron Browser

Benjamin C. Meyer

Bitty Browser Turnstyle

Lobo Java Web Browser The Lobo Project

Grail CNRI

SlimBoat FlashPeak Inc.

Dooble Dooble

Wyzo media browser Radical Software Ltd.

QtWeb QtWeb.NET


Lunascape Lunascape, Inc.

KidZui KidZui, Inc

Comodo Dragon Comodo

Slim Browser FlashPeak Inc.


Epic Hidden Reflex

Avant Browser Avant Force

xB Browser XeroBank

Browse3D Browse3D Corporation

The World Browser Phoenix Studio

TT Tencent Holdings

Acoo Browser
Acoo Browser

Nuke Browser Nuke Tech

Xtravo Jawoco

Orca Avant Forc

Deepnet Explorer Deepnet Security

CometBird CometBird

GreenBrowser GreenBrowser

Crazy Browser Crazy Browser

Enigma Browser Advanced Search Technologies, Inc.

Pink browser Mind Vision Software (MVS)

Pale Moon Moonchild

SpaceTime 3D SpaceTime

Ultrabrowser Inc

ZAC Browser People CD Inc.

MenuBox Cloanto Corporation

Stainless MD Software, LLC

TenFourFox TenFourFox

Classilla Classilla

Camino The Camino Project

Fluid Todd Ditchendorf

Shiira Shiira Project

OmniWeb The Omni Group

iCab Alexander Clauss

Galeon The GNOME team

Swiftfox Jason Halme

rekonq Andrea Diamantini

uzbl uzbl

Kazehakase Kazehakase

Swiftweasel The Swiftweasel Project

Elinks Text WWW Browser Elinks 

Maxthon Browser Maxthon

RockMelt RockMelt Inc

Sleipnir Fenrir Inc.

Kylo Hillcrest Labs

xombrero ConformalOpenSource

QupZilla David Rosca

Epiphany Epiphany

The NetSurf Developers

GNU IceCat Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Dillo Web Browser Dillo

Voyager VaporWare

Ibrowse Stefan Burstroem

Timberwolf FriedenHQ

WebPositive Ryan Leavengood

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